Monday, December 29, 2008

Branding Homeopathy Education

Homeopathy is set to emerge as a major influence on the global healthcare policy in the next two decades. The only constraining factor for this could be the brand of homeopathy education. The organised homoepathy education has to measure upto the global standards in documenting evidences for the training that happens in the institutions.

I presented a paper at the recently concluded National Homeopathy Summit at Lucknow on 'improving admissions in homeopathy colleges'. There was palpable apathy even among the managers and principals of the homeopathy colleges, which is incomprehensible; these are the institutions who are on the brink of collapse unless some resuscitation is given. Still there is an aura of 'fatalism' perhaps in the manner there was reaction.

There is every possibility that the southward trend of admissions' volume in homeopathy colleges can be halted and the numbers can be improved.

Is someone listening???


  1. Dear Dr.Munir its like a hard rock to make them understand we need to push harder.

  2. Hello Dr Munir Ahmed. You are absolutely right. This has to be a major emphasis in our education system. Having Human Biology in our Pre-medical course will help the student to understand and latch on to the subjects faster when they are in BHMS course. There has to be some means to raise the voice to the CCH regarding this.