Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outline of Workshop to review the newly gazetted curriculum for Homeopathy Postgraduaion

  • To design a curriculum for the MD (Hom) courses as per the revised ordnance dated 5th March 2012

Organise a workshop, so as to –
  • Discuss the amendments that are gazetted
  • Brainstorm on the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed syllabus
  • Identify areas that need to be clarified for a realistic implementation of the syllabus in the affiliated homeopathic institutions
  • Indicate objectives for the teaching – learning of the major and subsidiary subjects
  • Develop interdisciplinary objects of learning for the subsidiary subjects under each of the major subject
  • Provide parameters for formative evaluation of learners during the course of study
  • Suggest scheme of summative evaluation
  • Design the curriculum for implementation in the affiliated homeopathic institutions

  • Inauguration of the workshop
  • Introduction to the purpose of workshop
  • Participants getting to know each other
  • The NASA Exercise: Lost on the Moon
  • Introduction to curriculum designing
  • Group work on Curriculum Designing
  • Plenary presentation by each group followed by discussion
  • Documentation of the Curriculum
  • Vote of thanks

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